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The creative process is fluid. It is fueled by input from our staff but most importantly you the client. Making sure that you are involved every step of the way is a paramount objective. You know your product…We know how to get people to remember it.


At Advertus Media we devise media strategies that achieve the best possible coverage in the most cost effective way. After all, the finest creative content is wasted if the correct demographic never hears it.

Utilizing sophisticated audience measuring tools including AC Nielson rating systems, we construct media plans based on empirical data, not guesswork. We research your markets to develop an understanding of the particular nuances of that market and of each of its media outlets.


As former media executives, we understand how media outlets really work. This experience uniquely maximizes your advertising dollar by taking advantage of opportunities that many advertising consultants would never know about. We pride ourselves as being tough negotiators who know how to work within the system.

Based in Westfield Massachusetts, Advertus Media has developed strong relationships with media outlets throughout New England as well as across the country, and provides the benefits of those relationships to our clients in the form of achieving the best possible rates and schedules.



Our award winning creative team will set out to design a campaign that will present your company’s unique selling features in a way that is fitting and unforgettable with a targeted message for the correct demographic.

We’ll talk to your audience in a way that will inform and when appropriate entertain. Our creative concepts are designed to persuade the audience to value your services and products over your competitors. We are not as much about pushing the envelope as we are about moving the meter.

Television – Radio – Podcasting



From newspaper and magazine ads to billboards, four color brochures and annual reports, Advertus Media utilizes impactful design cues to promote, amuse and inform.


No other agency is dedicated more to bringing their clients the most effective and appropriate web site design possible.

Advertus Media’s web designers excel at developing user-centric web sites constructed to meet the end users expectations of quality, usability and utility. Our programmers are expert at search engine optimization and we strive every day to keep pace with this ever expanding and increasingly vital advertising milieu.

A photograph is more than simply the capture of a moment. It is the reflection of a place or a person that inspires an emotion. Creating an image that moves the viewer is a photographer's greatest reward.

We are committed to the art of photography and to the exploration of the unique relationship between light, color and subject.


Adam Wright is an award winning photographer and will provide your organization with photos which will present your firm and products in an unprecedented light and style.

To see his work, click here:


Once your commercials have run, Advertus Media makes sure they ran right. We analyze broadcast invoices to check for proper ad separation, verify billing integrity and make sure that your advertising schedules ran as ordered. We can also compare the schedule against the individual station’s latest ratings to substantiate the effectiveness of the ad buy and measure the estimated audience delivery to actual delivery.

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